DLA Piper was hit this afternoon by a huge ransomware attack. We've been told that it's similar to the attack which recently targetted the NHS and that all networks are down in Europe and the Americas. A source says that they've been asked to cough up an unspecified amount of bitcoin in order to be given control of their systems.

Phones and email are currently down. But a spokeswoman told us via her mobile that "the firm, like many other reported companies, has experienced issues with some of its systems due to suspected Malware. We are taking steps to remedy the issue as quickly as possible."


Businesses across the world are currently being hit, including (according to the BBC) Maersk and Rosneft.

Read more on Friday.



Anonymous 07 July 17 13:26

At least it gives them some respite from stealing other offices' clients and all of the horrible Machiavellian competitiveness that is Don't Look Ahead.

Anonymous 07 July 17 11:58

I think the comments are a little harsh. There but for the grace of God go any of us. Every business has had its share of IT failures and malware. I wonder how many other firms are quietly resolving this issue without the glare of publicity. This attack came in through a foreign branch in a sophisticated way.

I'm not from DLA for the avoidance of doubt. One fun fact to come out of this horror show is that some partners still manually record time!

Anonymous 29 June 17 22:31

Laughable that DLA sells IT advice to other firms - "“DLA Piper has assisted numerous companies in strengthening its cybersecurity compliance,...". Ho Ho. Exposes them as they hypocrites that they are.