I'm going through the rigmarole of getting builders to quote for some work. One of them is called Pete and Pete asked me to send him photos of the property via WhatsApp. I did and now my wife won't let us use Pete.

I'm not embedding Pete's video nasty or linking to it because it depicts a real-life gun death and it is freaking brutal. At 10 at night it did cross my mind that he was obliquely threatening me with murder, but I couldn't see what I could have done to offend him other than have a messy cellar, which never warrants execution. Luckily his explanation is as watertight as another builder will make my basement, otherwise I would have to conclude that he is a sicko who accidentally sent me footage of a killing intended for his weird pals. (Incidentally, I have friends who are in a WhatsApp group with a man who sends them family photos interspersed with clips of ISIS beheadings and hard core pornography. Not sure if he's also a builder). Anyway, the tip is: don't send snuff movies to potential clients. They will hardly ever like it.



Anonymous 15 June 17 22:03

I had a client call me one afternoon ti say that I had sent him porn - or family photos - bit disturbing that he was unsure which it was. I checked my works sent email and it was clean and event called IT (who advised that he turn his computer off and on again).

Then I suggested that maybe he had a virus or he was getting confused in his email attachments... suddenly he went quiet and said that in fact it was ok and he knew what had happened now and I was not to worry about it.


Anonymous 16 June 17 20:17

So disappointed, Jamie - my image of you as a dotcom millionaire being chauffeur-driven home for your butler to light a cigar with a £50-note for you are shattered, or is this just your London pied-a-terre when you are in town for business?