It's all well and good and, indeed, important and delicious and wonderful, to occasionally poke fun at personal injury lawyers. But when an uninsured driver trips on uneven council paving and knocks you off a faulty ladder, you will see them for what they really are: everyday heroes.

That's the opinion of this shower in Canada, anyway. Paul writes, "this firm was opposite the Prime Gelato ice cream parlour I was in, in Thunder Bay, Ontario (their berry crumble flavour was excellent)".

They're not in it for money, ok? It's a vision to help those in need. So hey, "Let's have coffee". No. No. Let's not. Let's rather climb into that whimsical canoe with a goose a moose and a bear and try to navigate a lake, only for the moose to immediately drops its oar because it's a moose, it can't paddle, and thrash in roll-eyed terror as the bear slashes the goose into wet chunks, its goose screams dying on its goose megaphone, the boat rocking wildly now and the moose falling in, the bear lazily popping off our head with a twist of its paws and flopping into the water and snaking after the moose and shaking the moose to death in its jaws, and swimming to the shore and maiming a Sunday fisherman who while recovering in hospital from quite serious leg wounds wonders who the hell was responsible for that, anyway, and shouldn't they pay up, and as if by magic a nice lady drops into the ward and says she's from a PI firm called...wait a second. The Agents of Good..are in league with the Canoe of Fear? Should have bloody known.

"They proudly display their slogan "Agents of Good" in their window, too", says Paul. "Very Marvel superhero-esque. It got me thinking... can "Lawyers" and "Agents of Good" ever be legitimately used in the same paragraph?"

Not by this lot. Although they've picked a lovely colour scheme.


Anonymous 02 June 17 10:26

The Agents of Good..are in league with the Canoe of Fear? Should have bloody known.


Anonymous 08 June 17 19:20

I must say, that's such a Canadian ad. All it's missing is a suggestion that Tim Horton's be the coffee venue. Also, a hockey player in the canoe.