A law student at Queensland University of Technology has shown the World how to respond to a twatty email. All students on the niftily named LWB309 course received the following message from one of their classmates:


From: [email protected]
To: All LWB309.1-09 students
Subject: Succession Assignment Semester 1 2009

Hi All

I am seeking 3 likeminded LWB309 members to join me in a group strongly pursuing a 6 or 7 for the 2500 word assignment due in week 6.

Please email me if you are interested as places would go quickly.



Please note:

I am only after those willing to work very hard to achieve this result.

I will also only accept those willing to do things the way I do which has proven to be very successful. This entails:

(i) Dividing up assignment questions among group members;

(ii) Finishing the assignment nearly 2 weeks before the due date as to allow for extensive and thorough examination of the answer - This is usually conducted by myself as I do this professionally where I work at [law firm].

(iii)In dividing up issues, I will help the other members pick out the issues and point you in the right direction for each question.

Note the following:

Although I may have a slightly smaller piece to write, I do most of my work towards the last few weeks before the due date, where I am able to consult solicitors at [law firm], and add anything needed to be added into the assignment.

Please do NOT apply if this style does not appease you but it has been very successful. Please further note that I am only after those who are realistically able to achieve a 7 and work hard at achieving their goals.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers guys





Which prompted one recipient to send out the following reply, copied to all:


From: [email protected]
To: Jim; All LWB309 students
Subject: Re: Succession Assignment Semester 1 2009


never email me again for any purpose for the rest of your life.






Maximum respect.

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