A US judge is facing criticism for electrocuting a man in his courtroom.

Delvon King fled his first trial for gun possession during jury selection. When he was recaptured officials instructed police to take him to Judge Robert Nalley's courtroom and to let Nalley "know that he is acting up".

    Dial the right number and prisoners dance the Macarena and explode
Nalley was once suspended for letting down the tyres of a clerk's car after she parked in his space. But King was unaware of his reputation, and continued acting up. He claimed that US law didn't apply to him because he was a “sovereign citizen” and asked Nalley for proof that he was a judge.

When Nalley discovered that King had been fitted with a 'Stun-Cuff', a remote-controlled box strapped to the ankle intended to stop prisoners trying to escape or commit a crime, he told a deputy, “do it...use it". The deputy pressed the button and the Stun-Cuff subjected King to 50,000 volts for five seconds, jolting him to the floor. At which point the court transcript reads, “(DEFENDANT SCREAMS)”.

Maryland public defender Paul DeWolfe has called for Nalley to be removed from the bench, arguing that King could have been held in contempt and that, “for a judge to inflict physical pain for the sole purpose of silencing an individual is unacceptable”. Nalley has defended his response, pointing out that King was “rude”.
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Anonymous 12 September 14 08:03

With the judge on this one. He should have let the little prick have 10 seconds.

Anonymous 12 September 14 14:38

Certain Magic Circle firms fit such devices to their NQs and the voltage is applied automatically if their billing drops below target for more than an hour.

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