Also making the news this week:

This week's award for sheer stupidity goes to the escaped prisoner caught when he tried to break back into jail.



World War II has been relived in Surrey. A small teashop won its case against a large German multinational, who had tried to sue it for teapot copyright infringement.



A very British teapot


A granny became so obsessed with winning radio quizzes that she created aliases just so that she could enter multiple times. The woman set up a counterfeiting office in her house, forging documents to supplement her false identities. She has been fined and banned from entering any more competitions.


And finally... a lawyer appears to have filled his head with so many precedents he can't even remember his own birthday. If you know "Thiru" and think you can help him out use the button below to tell us.



From: Group Admin

Sent: 26 February 2009 5.52pm

To: [email protected]

Subject: Happy Birthday


Dear All:


Tomorrow is Thiru's Birthday I.


Group Admin


From: Thiru

Sent: 26 February 2009 6.17pm

To: All at ABC partners, Group Admin

Subject: Re: Happy Birthday


Dear All,


I am very sorry! I was not born on 27th Feb. 1947 as indicated on my school records.


Hence, It is not my actual birth day. I do not know when I was born.


Pl. ignore the (Group Admin)'s communication.






Poor Thiru!

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