has anyone see the film parasite?  enjoy it?

Go for it. It's funny, thought provoking and extremely entertaining. None of which can be said about Red Notice, which seems to be the film most people are talking about at the moment.

It's a lot darker than I thought it would be, and not as funny 

it is good tho 

yes, agree. But the humour is the mess / caper and the horror, not laugh out loud jokes.

It's a drama with a very strong social message. The humour has to be subtle and dark or it dilutes the point. Laugh out loud slapstick would be absurd.

I thought it was going to be an over-hyped borefest.  But it was an absolute delight.

It's a bit more than a black comedy. Cinematophiles will appreciate the thoughtful camera angles and stuff contrasting rich and poor.  

yes and yes. 

Great use of stairs and steps as a metaphor.

Suffers a bit from the Clockwise problem.  Brilliant run of farce and black comedy - but they can't work out how to end it, so come up with something that, even in context, is a bit jarring.

Set design is exquisite.

Set design is exquisite.

Indeed. I was convinced that it was a real house but it's just a set. 

ok I enjoyed it.

I agree with scep tick that the end is jarring. 

Above all, Mr Kim killing Mr Park seemed out of character. I think we're supposed to believe that he lost his temper because of the insult about him smelling.

also, we're just left to assume that the former housekeeper died and nobody seems to care or have remorse. 


Peter Principle26 Nov 21 09:28

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What’s the best platform to watch this on?

private imax on a 200ft superyacht 


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