30 years ago today.

still absolutely brilliant. 


Gosh I am so old. I remember the excitement of buying this and playing it through for the first time.

Amazing album. Remarkable how they stumbled on something truly groundbreaking and yet still rooted in rock culture just because of a remix of one of the songs off their previous album.

saw them play this live, followed by the orb and Andy weatherall.

Great times.


Yes kudos also to Weatherall of his remix of My Bloody Valentine's Soon. He was a genius DJ who actually liked and understood rock music.

Also did the One Dove album, which is an under-rated and under-appreciated masterpiece.

He certainly revived their career long after it had expired. 

Bollocks cookie. They were a young indie band on the up. They'd only done two albums before Screamadelica. Their second album was ace by the way. Yes it is far to say their rise would not have been as meteoric without it, but their career had hardly expired.

But we know you're more into Pink Floyd than Primal Scream you ropey old hippy.

I didn't realise til recently that Slip Inside This House was a cover. The original is a 60s psychedelic classic.

I did always think it sounded like too good a song to have come from the pen of Bobby G and co

That album was the soundtrack to me coming home and collapsing to my bed on the floor after my first pill/rave 15 years ago knowing life would never be quite the same again


btw Primal Scream's newer stuff is dogsh1t. Just awful. IMO

I like Primal Scream but apart from a greatest hits they have never done a full album of good songs and this was no exception. Maybe if you were off your head on drugs at the time it seemed otherwise. 

Totally disagree. Vanishing Point is a masterpiece. So is Xterminator.

Thet blues album they did immediately after Screamadelica is dodgy as hell though. I'll give you that.

I'd say for Primal Scream Screamedelica trumps a greatest hits which would be full of their more recent sh1te like Country Girl and It's Alright It's OK

I was thinking only today that I was much less into Primal Scream than I probably should be. A generational thing, I guess. Liking primal scream is a sign that (unlike me) you’re true Gen X. Great album.

What Jethro said about Vanishing Point and XTRMNTR.

Although, I think Bobby Gillespie always seems like a fvcking idiot.

Dismal wannabee rock god poseurs who were twenty years out of date even in the late 80s, greatly redeemed for a spell by some REALLY good producers.



if you don't like screamadelica there is literally something wrong with you. see a doctor.

M8, I still have the ticket stub from the original screamadelica in a desk draw somewhere. I'm still capable of recognising that the band themselves are posturing chancers, Gillespie can't sing, and most of what's good about their music came from their producers dubbing the everliving crap out of the original material.

who cares what the band are like, I mean unless it's the lost prophets obvs. it's all about the music, pretending otherwise is lame.

bloke I know/knew once asked me how my weekend was. I had done something vaguely cool, so regaled him...I asked what he had done...oh went to Buenos Aires for a long weekend with some mates....oh that's a long way to go for a weekend ...yeah he said but tbf they had a private jet and are in a band....

"it's all about the music,"

Can agree on that, so given where the music comes from, props To Andy et. al, balls to Bobby.