Two parties in No10 the night before Phil the Greek's funeral

There are not going to be further restrictions anyway unless some new variant massively evades vaccines and then there will be - regardless of who is in charge.

If the Torygraph are publishing party stories and Bridgen’s calling him to go, he is fooked. 

Bridgen probably believes he’s favourite for the top job.


Incredible really. Years of these guys banging on about flags and love of country. But behind closed doors they're getting shitfaced and dancing as the Queen mourns alone.

“The Telegraph said staff were sent to a nearby shop with a suitcase, that was brought back "filled with bottles of wine".”

So they weren’t even drinking good stuff. Isn’t there an offy by Westminster tube? Glass of Campo de Vieja anyone? Nein danke. These tories have no class.

I suspect old Phil was looking down with a wry grin and if you listen to any video carefully you can just hear a ghostly voice murmuring “bloody good show chaps”.

No Fence at a good old knees up in Downing Street although to be fair wouldn’t put it past him to be saying “you daft biddy you’re the Queen and can tell them what to do” during the funeral.

evey paper will  be desperate for a picture of this party to emerge, put it next to that picture of queen sitting alone at phils funeral the following morning.  




I suspect old Phil was looking down with a wry grin and if you listen to any video carefully you can just hear a ghostly voice murmuring “bloody good show chaps”.


sails' transformation into chambers continues apace 

Sails, lad, you've gone a bit wonky about this. Inventing outlandish theories, putting up paper thin defences and now even putting words in a dead man's mouth. You know the tozzas are bang to rights on this and it feels like you're taking it too personally.

What I'm saying is.

U ok hun?

"Phil the Greek" was coined by Ben Elton at a time when it wasn't that unusual to disparage someone by suggesting that they had a bit of foreign about them.  It's really not appropriate today.

The Johnsons were at Chequers whe  these "parties" happened .


Not sure why Labour are so keen to impugn the independence and neutrality of these civil servant.

Have they forgotten that they are going to have to work with the  if they win an election? Have they forgotten that their predecessor generation did actually work with Sue Gray the last time they were in power?

Heh at the 'civil servants' defence.

Poor weak Boris unable to control those beastly civil servants (that he handpicked).

Maybe the minister for the civil service should take responsibility, anyone know who that that might be?

The Johnsons were at Chequers whe  these "parties" happened’

Which “parties” are you referring to. Because they were deffo at at least one.

How is he supposed to even know that some people are having a few tins in their basement office whilst he is 40 miles away in a different county???

Phil was fiercely defensive of her madge.   He would have been friggin furious if the government whose rules made her sit alone at his funeral were partying the night before.

I’m astonished that with this “night before Philip’s funeral” thing the British press have found the only imaginable angle on this story that instinctively makes me want to size with Boris somehow. 

Exactly Amit, why would the prime minister have any idea what is happening in No 10 even when he isn't there! He was on holiday at his other free government house and no way are they linked up somehow.

Love that calling him Phil the Greek (when he was born Prince Philip of Greece) is somehow unPC.  Phil big fan of keeping it PC, ofco...


They had a DJ, suitcases full of wine and broke Johnson's kid's swingset.  This is the heart of the tory machine.  And all was a party for journalist who didn't think "gosh, this sort of thing is newsworthy".