Is your dog a full member of your family?

Terry Smith says pets are on a journey with this as the destination. 

My cats are full members of my family.  Every family member would agree.  When our cat Bruno was run over and killed we properly grieved.  He has a headstone in the garden bless him.

Sailcat belongs really to my mum and is semi-feral so not a full family member as some days she still hisses at me or runs away.  I spend many happy hours with Saildog so she is definitely a family member.

When my cat Taupo died suddenly I proper ugly cried.  Took me years to be able to have his photo on the photoshelf, where it remains to this day.  I visited his grave when I went back to NZ last year (I did not, in contrast, visit my Father's grave).

Yes, but the bottom of the pack as it were. It owns nothing and does as its told, when its told.

Well, thats the theory anyway

That whole Caser Milan pack leader thing is a load of old BS

Like a poor man's Jordan Peterson for dogs 

Gwen dog is so much part of the family that last night I spent another night with her on the living room sofa. She alternately panted, farted and jumped on top of me. At one point she stuck her bottom in my face. The poor old girl really isn't well and I'm worried she's on the way out.