The members of the Lawyers’ Group of Oasis of Peace UK, are delighted to announce that on Thursday, 28 October 2021 we will be hosting Professor Philippe Sands QC, for his lecture (via Zoom) “Thinking About an International Rule of Law”.

Since 2010, the Lawyers’ Group has organised and hosted Oasis of Peace UK’s Rueff Lecture, in memory of the charity’s former chair, Philip Rueff. The Lawyers Group identify with the values and ethos of Oasis Of Peace UK and aim to keep alive the commitment and memory of the founding chair Philip Rueff. Over the last 12 years the members of the Lawyers Group have sought to identify keynote speakers who promote the rule of law, peace and social justice in their talks.  Previous lecturers have included Sir Simon Schama, Lord Dubs, and Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin and we are delighted that this year Philip’s memory will be honoured, and Oasis of Peace UK supported, by Professor Sands QC.

Professor Sands QC is recognised and respected by the legal community for his hugely varied legal and academic work, including his much-admired books, notably East West Street: On the Origins of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide and The Ratline: Love, Lies and Justice on the Trail of a Nazi Fugitive. Professor Sands QC is renowned as one of the UK’s pre-eminent legal thinkers. Given recent international events, his topic for the lecture could not be timelier.

The Lawyers Group raises funds for Oasis of Peace UK which is a British charity set up to support and promote awareness of of Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam (NSWaS), the unique peace village in Israel. This year’s Rueff Lecture will be raising funds for the School for Peace, the village’s pioneering conflict resolution centre.

NSWaS is a shared community of Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel. It is the only example in Israel since the early 1970’s of an “intentional” shared community. This means that each resident has made a committed personal choice to live alongside one another in full peace and equality.

Since its modest foundation in the early 1970s, the village has grown in size and influence and is now a potent and widely-known example of the kind of peaceful co-operation between Jews and Arab –Palestinian Citizens. This village is a blueprint for showing the potential for forming a lasting peace in the country and the region.

The Lawyers’ Group are particularly pleased to be supporting the school this year because 12 months ago its building was destroyed in an act of arson, and its recovery has shown that the NSWaS fight for peace cannot be destroyed by those opposed to its message of inclusivity and equality.

The event will include a Q&A. Registration is free. We encourage donations in support of the School for Peace and of the wider work of Oasis of Peace UK. The Lawyers’ Group would be delighted to see readers of Roll on Friday attend and we invite you to register at our website.

On behalf of the Lawyers’ Group of Oasis of Peace UK

Emily Di Cesare and Helen Soffa



  1. This year’s Rueff Lecture will be raising funds for the School for Peace, the village’s pioneering conflict resolution centre.
  2. Please contact Jack Omer Jackman ( Executive Director of Oasis for Peace UK) on [email protected] if you wish to discuss this event further.
  3. Oasis of Peace specifically supports the educational institutions of the village in order to educate and influence the next generations. These include the binational, bilingual Primary School, the Nadi Youth Centre and the Pluralistic Spiritual Centre, an interfaith and multi-cultural exchange facility.
  4. The ethical background of the community was to create a place of peaceful co-existence between Palestinian and Jewish Israelis of the three Abrahamic faiths. The peace projects, which were established from the earliest days, seek to challenge extremism through educational programmes and to de-radicalise negative elements in Israeli society through dialogue.