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Big day in the office for hubby.

A person alleging to be the wife of a senior solicitor at K&L Gates has emailed his entire office demanding that the firm punish a trainee who seduced him. 

'Mrs X', as they signed the email, sent the poison pen missive on Monday to every lawyer - except the trainee - in the K&L Gates office where her alleged husband works. 

RollOnFriday is not naming the office, or the junior lawyer, in order to protect her identity.

According to Mrs X's email, which was leaked to RollOnFriday, she discovered the trainee and her husband were conducting an affair several months ago. 

Mrs X said she found "items" belonging to the trainee in her home, and that the affair had put a "great strain on our marriage".

Mrs X's alleged husband is senior to the trainee, but Mrs X appeared to place the blame for their alleged tryst on the young woman, accusing her of "trying to seduce him at work and after work".

"Despite my husband intend[ing] to leave her, she does not agree and insists [on] contacting my husband. If this does not stop, we will apply for a restraining order against her", she informed dozens of the pair's colleagues.

Mrs X named the trainee in her email, and included a large picture of the other woman just in case her workmates needed help placing her. But Mrs X did not disclose her own alleged spouse's identity in the email, "in order to protect the reputation of my husband and my family".

As well as leading Mrs X’s alleged husband astray, the trainee was accused by Mrs X of borrowing "some 150k" from him which she spent on "beauty procedures, i.e. botox and many fillers".

"On the weekends her private life is also very messy", continued the vengeful Mrs X, who alleged that the trainee was a "self-proclaimed model" who conducted a secret second career providing "private and intimate photo-shooting" so she could supplement her salary.

The person alleging to be the lawyer’s furious wife told the dozens of K&L Gates lawyers who received the email to "look into her misconducts at work" and "consider the appropriate disciplines", as "her integrity and professional conducts are highly questionable".

Mrs X added that she was lodging a complaint with the relevant Law Society about the trainee "because she needs to be disciplined", as, "She is NOT FIT AND PROPER to be a lawyer".

K&L Gates did not respond to a request for comment.

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Anonymous 21 May 21 09:51

It's only a matter of time before our prurient correspondent pops up below the line to demand mechanical specifics about the ins and outs (if you will) of the affair.

Kolo Toure 21 May 21 09:52

Rightly or wrongly, her professional reputation at screwed for the rest of her career at K+L

Anonymous 21 May 21 09:54

Reminds me of this regarding two of my former colleagues https://www.rollonfriday.com/feature-content/dwf-caught-cuckolds-tweetrage still brilliant!!! 

Anonymous 21 May 21 10:02

If there was a "great strain" on their marriage before, I wonder what things are like at home now!

3-ducks 21 May 21 10:08

Heh. Fair play to Mrs X. Punchy.

And £150k on cosmetics?! These millennials are crazy. 

Anonymous 21 May 21 10:11

Its only a matter of time before our repressed correspondent pops up below the line to try to shut down any questions relating to sex. Oh, too late.

Anonymous 21 May 21 10:17

The trainee should have pre-empted this and claimed harrassment - collect a nice big payout and enjoy everyone's sympathy rather than have to basically have her legal career (particularly at K&L Gates) ended.


(and yes, I've seen it happen before)

rumpypumpyesq 21 May 21 10:18

Mrs X named the trainee in her email, and included a large picture of the other woman just in case her workmates needed help placing her

!!! The whole thing is so insane it borders on parody.

A. No one can seduce you into breaking your wedding vows. It's fun to be desired but ultimately it's more fun to have a happy home life when your job is this stressful.

B. The trainee must have some sort of recourse to being outed in this manner. Wild that the wife did not email the all-staff alias but actually individuals to avoid the trainee seeing this.

C. The £150K. I don't know where to start with this.

D. What the hell is Mrs X doing that her husband is stepping out in the first place? Going solely on the email, perhaps being an insane, high strung woman who is detached from reality is a boner killer.

Can't wait to see the family Christmas card this year. 

Anonymous 21 May 21 10:18

Wow….Word of advice to Mrs X.  Your marriage is over.  Divorce him, let go and move on.  You’re an embarrassment to yourself if you stay with him.  Stop blaming the “other woman”.  It takes two to tango.

LondonLife 21 May 21 10:28

Mrs X is clearly crazy (although I feel sorry for her).

I want to congratulate Mr X as not only has he managed to bed a model-looking trainee, but also, he managed to persuade his wife that its all the trainee's fault. That is gift of the gab right there.


Anonymous 21 May 21 10:29

@10.18 - I think it would depend on whether or not the allegations are true as to whether the trainee would have any recourse.

LondonLife 21 May 21 10:36

It is quite entertaining to look at the trainees on LinkedIn and decide which it may be...

Anonymous 21 May 21 10:40

I prefer the creativity of this lady: https://www.rollonfriday.com/feature-content/hell-hath-no-fury-lawyers-partner-scorned


anon 21 May 21 10:41

Seriously, no matter how unhappy you are in your marriage ... you should atleast split up before pursuing someone else. Everyone commending the trainee for infidelity should have a think about how they would feel if it happened to them. Also I thought background checks and pre employment screening would have picked up on her 'second career' as a lot of females turn to the likes of only fans these days

I hope this trainee gets her karma, no morals whatsoever drunk or sober,it doesn't cost anything to be kind... and treat others how you would like to be treated!!! 


Anon 21 May 21 10:44

I used to work at K&L Gates.  The firm was affair central.  This does not surprise me at all.  

Anonymous 21 May 21 10:48

@10.17 - a bit difficult to claim harassment and get a big payout for a consensual affair, although you're right, it does happen. Not likely to win much sympathy though.

Anon 21 May 21 11:14

The trainee wasn't in a relationship so she was free to do as she liked. The associate is the one who had a commitment so not sure how it's the trainee's fault. Why are people suggesting that she did anything wrong? 

Mrs X needs to seek help, Mr X is an ass. He was unfaithful and cowardly. 

Anon 21 May 21 11:21

@11:14 - because she knew that he was married. bit like why there is a tort of inducing a breach of contract.

Anonymous 21 May 21 11:30

@11.14 - the husband was at fault because he was married. The trainee was at fault because she slept with a married man. We don't know if the trainee was in a relationship - if she was then she is at fault for sleeping with someone else while in a relationship and if she was and he knew then he was at fault for sleeping with someone in a relationship. Fault is due to actions, not gender or age. From what we know, Mrs X is the wronged party.

anon 21 May 21 11:35


You don't go around sleeping with married men ... that is wrong

single females.. the ones who have sense, know better than to go around pursuing men in relationships or who are married.

Hackaforte 21 May 21 11:39

Hold on, hold on - why is everyone assuming that's been said about the trainee is accurate?

We only have Mrs X's word for it, and all she knows about the trainee has come from Mr X who appears to be, on his own admission, duplicitous, mendacious, pond slime. Why should we believe anything that emanates from him?


Anonymous 21 May 21 11:51

I’ve seen the email. It wasn’t £150k, it ... equates to £15-20k. 

The funny thing was that she signed it Mrs X, but sent it from her personal email address, so it is pretty clear who the partner was. 

Anonymous 21 May 21 11:55

150k on cosmetics seems impossible, as does the idea of anyone at K&L Gates having a spare 150k - possibly Mrs X is a fantasist / nutter? 

Anonymous 21 May 21 11:56

@Hackaforte - its always a mistake to assume allegations are accurate, regardless of the gender of the person they are made about.

Mr X has made no such admissions.

Anon 21 May 21 12:02

He was married, she wasn't. Perhaps she does not subscribe to the whole monogomous lifestyle - we all have different attitudes to relationships, etc. She may not even know that he was supposed to be faithful but even if she did it was his vows and his relationship to preserve. There is no duty for people to safeguard somebody else's morality/promises/vows. 


Hackaforte 21 May 21 12:07

@Anonymous 11:56

Granted, all we know about Mr X is also filtered through Mrs X, who on the available evidence doesn't seem to be in the best place right now. 

I'm not entirely clear why you're bringing gender into it, though. I can only assume that I've blundered into somebody else's culture war, in which case I'll bow out.

Seen the exhibit 21 May 21 12:07

@Anon 11:51 - When you say "partner", do you mean who Mrs X's partner is or ... [sharp intake of breath] the husband is a Partner at the firm? 

I cannot imagine that Partners are subject to the whimsies, delights and pleasures of the human form like the rest of us mere mortals. 


RSPCP 21 May 21 12:21

This is not the first time we read how partners are being exploited, manipulated and abused by those vicious trainees leaving a trail of ruined careers and relationships. Isn't it time that the firms do something to protect the fragile partner community.

Anonymous 21 May 21 12:32

@12.02 - but she must have known his wife wouldn't have been happy if she found out. If the allegations are true the trainee is not blameless.

Anonymous 21 May 21 12:32

"Hold on, hold on - why is everyone assuming that's been said about the trainee is accurate?

We only have Mrs X's word for it, and all she knows about the trainee has come from Mr X who appears to be, on his own admission, duplicitous, mendacious, pond slime. Why should we believe anything that emanates from him?"

No, no, no. Stop right there.

You can't just come on here and ask questions about whether everything in an article should be taken entirely at face value. Allegations have been made, by a woman no less, and we're all to believe them without even a hint of cynicism entering into it. 

So a less of the polite questions about whether there might perhaps be a bit more too it than the lone uncorroborated source is letting on, if you please.

Or are you some kind of "Sealion" perhaps? Because what you're doing sounds a lot like what Sealions do. Whatever that is.

All we know for sure is that Sealions are the Oceans' greatest monsters.

Me, myself & I 21 May 21 12:40

That's how not to keep your husband (if he exists and the thing is not only a campaign against the trainee).

Lionel Hutz 21 May 21 12:56

@ Anon 21 May 21 12:02

"There is no duty for people to safeguard somebody else's morality/promises/vows."

Is this CPD accredited?


Anonymous 21 May 21 13:09

If indeed it was Mrs X, Hackaforte.

The references to gender weren't directed to you but to those whose willingness to believe allegations depends on the gender of those against whom the allegations are made.

Yum! 21 May 21 13:10

Saw the email. It’s not £150k - after currency conversion it’s £13k (go figure!). Also the trainee’s social media and LinkedIn still seems to be up and running! Interesting. 

Anonymous 21 May 21 13:19

@12.21 - the best thing they can do to protect partners and others is to reject dubious allegations and educate their staff on the differences between allegations and fact.

Anon 21 May 21 13:20

Mrs X lodging a complaint about the trainee with "the relevant Law Society"? If she means the SRA, I'm not sure she's thought that one through.



Anonymous 21 May 21 13:22

@11.51 - I don't think the intention was to keep the partner's identity secret for very long if it was his wife who sent it.

Anonymous 21 May 21 13:42

@Me, myself and I - if the email is true the husband wants to stay with the wife. But are you saying you think the email wasn't really from the wife of a member of staff, but someone pretending to be and with a grudge against the trainee for some other reason?

Me, myself & I 21 May 21 13:53

My first thought was someone (at the firm or outside) has to grind an axe with the trainee. Not necessarily some partner's wife, she would shoot herself in the foot.

Anonymous 21 May 21 14:04

I have seen this article so many times written to so many girls even outside of legal. Lol whoever believes this is so dumb

Anonymous 21 May 21 14:04

It depends what the complaint is about I suppose 13.20, but if its regarding an affair the SRA only look at male lawyers' private lives, and even that is less frequent after they got their bum smacked over Beckwith.

Did this happen under SRA jurisdiction?

Concerned! 21 May 21 14:35

I think the wife is having a mental breakdown and needs help - this is a terrible situation for the whole family, if indeed she did send it. She needs to be very mindful of the fact that she may get libel case winging its way to her. Damages for that would be far more than the £150,000 used for fillers and botox!

Interested party 21 May 21 14:37

It would rather seem all the parties have behaved unwisely.

That said what possible interest could it be to your vulgar little Blog?

it seems a story of private peccadilloes of no general interest to other lawyers or persons interested in law - it is making a difficult situation much worse - and all for your prurient titillation.

I have never read a single interesting or intelligent Article on your blog.

the destruction of legal aid - demise of the small high street firm- urgent need for legal reform in so many areas to help the disadvantaged in our society- equality for all - would be rather more interesting topics.

Presumably you have neither the skill, Public interest or mental acuity to write about something more meaningful.




Anonymous 21 May 21 15:10

I don't want to piss on everyone's fireworks but have you considered that the sender might be someone who has a grudge against the trainee and has invented the story to damage her.

Men who get rejected can be very spiteful and bitter.

Anonymous 21 May 21 15:52

@Concerned! - truth is a defence to libel, so whether or not a libel case would be successful depends on whether or not the allegations in the email are true, among other things. And it seems that it wasn't £150k but 150k in another currency.

Anonymous 21 May 21 16:16

@ 15:39, presumably because he/she/they have neither the skill, nor the interest, nor the mental acuity to use uppercase and lowercase letters in some sort of semi-consistent manner... 

Anonymous 21 May 21 16:34

"Men who get rejected can be very spiteful and bitter."

Yes, I suppose that we should all have guessed that a man would be behind all this in the end...

Anon 21 May 21 17:02

The true crime here is that wallpaper... perhaps Mrs X's taste in home decor is the same as her taste in men

Anonymous 21 May 21 19:00

@anon 21 May 21 10:41

>Also I thought background checks and pre employment screening would have picked up on her 'second career' as a lot of females turn to the likes of only fans these days

We are talking about millennials, so a second career on Only Fans is not only to be expected but also celebrated, especially in companies having Chief Millennial Officer positions. Rank amateurs use Tik Tok but only pros use Only Fans.

Anonymous 21 May 21 19:17

Me, myself and I @ 13.53 - possibly, but if so I wonder why they brought Mr X into it. Are you thinking it might have been a colleague who had designs on Mr X herself and was jealous of the affair?

Anonymous 21 May 21 21:53

Anonymous 21 May 21 16:34

Yes, I suppose that we should all have guessed that a man would be behind all this in the end...

Well duh!  Same reason that women are taught to hold their keys in their fists when walking home alone or are fearful when out late at night or can't go jogging on some areas or at certain times for fear of being attacked.

Same reason women are reluctant to tell men they're not interested even when approached by strangers in public for fear of being attacked or publicly humiliated.

Same reason Piers Morgan is still obsessed with Meghan Markle.

Certain men have spent years learning techniques in how to fake and manipulate and force intimacy.

You people don't take indifference or rejection well.

Like the song says, boys will be boys but girls will be women.  You lot stay like children your whole lives.  A fake email from a jealous boy if a far more likely source than a spurned partners wife.

Lydia 21 May 21 22:35

14:37 has interesting use of English, similar to the email from the wife perhaps?


People cheated on who still love their spouse then to blame the other person and true to believe what their spouse told them as that is more convenient. Yet it is their spouse who committed adultery, not the spouse's lover.

How does the wife have the email addresses of everyone in the firm? Is that not some kind of data protection law breach or has she ploughed through all the linked in profiles of everyone in the firm and put that into some kind of database?


Spending £13k on cosmetics etc is the choice of the husband and presumably it is his money. or may be, as I did,  the wife out earns the husband many times over.

Anonymous 22 May 21 00:08

@15.10 - as can women who get rejected. The sender might have been someone who had a grudge against the trainee, but that could just as easily be a jealous (or rejected) female as a rejected male.

Furthermore, it has been alleged that it was sent from Mrs X's own email account.

Anonymous 22 May 21 08:28

I don't think Mrs X has wallpapered their house with photos of the email or if a man with his hands over his mouth.

Anon 22 May 21 08:52

It takes two to tango and the amount of people saying that the trainee wasn’t in the wrong just as much as the associate is shocking.... idk if people are trolling but the amount of thumbs up on comments saying things such as “the trainee was free to do as she likes” ..... yes she’s free to pursue other single men but you don’t go after someone who is MARRIED!!!!

Anonymous 22 May 21 09:01

"A fake email from a jealous boy if a far more likely source than a spurned partners wife."


How funny. Last week someone suggested that 'Handsy' might have been fitted up by a jealous onlooker, but the theory was shouted down as far-fetched and implausible.

How times change, eh?

Anonymous 22 May 21 09:49

@Mr John - it could be a hoax, and we do see a lot of allegations made on here that turn out to be false, so its right to question it.

My first thought was that Mrs X might not have sent it, but it seems that the email was sent from Mrs X's account though.

Anonymous 22 May 21 11:20

21st @ 9.53 - you've been taught to think and feel that way by other women who want you to be afraid of men and feel that you're in danger all of the time. As to why they do that, you'd have to ask them.

Yes, its possible that a jealous boy or a jealous girl is behind this, or someone out to get the partner, but it does look as if the email came from Mrs X's account.

Anonymous 22 May 21 14:53

"I know what I'll do," she said to herself at 3am after six bottles of wine and a truckload of citalopram, "I'll send an e-mail. That'll solve everything."

Anonymous 23 May 21 01:59

"We" will be applying for a restraining order? Hhhmmm... I don't think hubby wants one. 

Anonymous 23 May 21 07:58

It depends on the truth Lydia. If the trainee did cheat with a married man, then she is more in the wrong than Mrs X, just the same as if she was male.

Not sure what you mean by the data protection breach point, it seems that yhe information was obtained publicly.


Anonymous 23 May 21 08:01

Assuming the claims are true, the £13k might have been marital assets. Not many wife's who have been cheated on would think kindly of another women who has had £13k spent on them by the husband. Hard not to say that the trainee is partly to blame (again, if the allegations are true).

Anonymous 23 May 21 15:42

22nd @ 11.43 - the trainee was accused of having an affair, but there has been no suggestion that she abused alcohol or prescription medication.

Anonymous 23 May 21 22:41

@1.59 - he may or may not, but in a lot of affairs the husband goes back to the wife. The ring and the contract count for a lot.

Anonymous 24 May 21 07:43

This is definitely from someone who in real life would be saying "she's just a whore" or "I wasn't interested anyway" or "you're so ugly why you wearing/not wearing makeup" when a woman refused to take out her earbuds to hear his lame come on.

As for the email address, you can open an email account in any name you want.

Or is that a bit to technical for RoF commentators.

Anonymous 24 May 21 10:30

"This is definitely from someone who in real life would be saying "she's just a whore" or "I wasn't interested anyway" or "you're so ugly why you wearing/not wearing makeup" when a woman refused to take out her earbuds to hear his lame come on."

Genuinely cannot tell if this frequent poster is (a) a Laura Bates parody doing an OTT Very Online man-hater act, or (b) a slightly loopy misandrist in need of a short course of talking therapy and some more fresh air.

It's right on the Poe's Law line where it's so consistently mad that I feel it has to be a parody, but where it all remains just similar enough to the really nutty end of Twitter to maybe be real.

I mean, I suppose that what I'm really saying is that I can't tell if it's a man being funny by impersonating a crazy lady, or actually just a woman having a breakdown online. I laugh every time, but I don't know if the joke is intentional or not.

Anonymous 24 May 21 15:51

@07.43 - we can't say who its definitely from. It may be from a jealous male, but may also be from a jealous female or a female who disapproves of the trainee's conduct (if indeed she did have an affair with a married man).

The email address could have been opened by someone else, but (if this isn't too technical) Mrs X doesn't appear to have denied sending it.

Anonymous 25 May 21 12:22

Mrs X is absolutely right, and she should not go anywhere. The home wrecking cheap t  t deserves to be named.

Anonymous 25 May 21 13:39

@12.22 - it is possible that Mr X was having an affair with another member of staff, it certainly happens, but there is no evidence that it did.

Anonymous 26 May 21 11:31

Firms should have a clear red line on partners ****ing trainees and a presumption that the relationship is exploitative given the very large power imbalance.  At the very least there's a litigation and reputation risk to which no respectable partner would expose their fellow partners.  Plus the internal fallout from these things is costly and upsetting for all involved.

Anonymous 27 May 21 11:07

26th @ 11.31 - what about trainees ****ing partners. There is a mutual power imbalance, that's quite often the reason for the relationship. Consenting adults should be able to do as they please as long as nobody else is hurt, it their own business, not other partners or office gossips. Both the partner and the trainee should be able to manage things themselves if the relationship ends though.

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