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Court case of the week: man threatened to eat neighbour's soul
Sinister and impractical solution to resolving dispute ... read more >
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Legal Aid's bizarre tweet, a firm is perplexed at what a car is, and the Tour de Law results. ... read more >
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Jeffrey Green Russell in trouble. And meet and hate the most beautiful firm in the world ... read more >
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Readers' Letter of the Week ... read more >
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RoFMatthew makes London's most influential list, RoF quiz winner, "Billable hour" appeal still open, and LawCare on mistakes. ... read more >
Shearman & Sterling launches in Dubai
Clients to be treated to extra "partner time" ... read more >
Kobre & Kim sets up shop in Seoul
With lead partner operating across time zones ... read more >
New Zealand lawyer guilty of misconduct for "threats of menace"
Leaves the "passive", out of passive-aggressive correspondence ... read more >
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Eversheds partner makes big boast, law school misinterprets her interest ... read more >
Dodgy solicitor of the week: struck-off for $60k misconduct.
Lawyer turns trust account into his own personal piggy bank ... read more >
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Outstanding job ad, a flash get at Jones Day and a good gag from gran ... read more >
Rajah & Tann launches in-sourcing legal service in Singapore
Lawyers provided with alternative to climbing the greasy pole ... read more >
Associate struck off for claiming relatives had died to repay LPC debts
Defrauded train companies before "self-imposed exile" in Australia ... read more >
New Zealand lawyer convicted of Class A drug offences
Tried to convince court that meth was used for medicinal purposes ... read more >
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Exclusive: students lose training contracts after failing BPP course ... read more >
Islamaphobe threatens to slit lawyer's throat
Sends heartwarming message to campaigning lawyer on Sunday night ... read more > (1 comment)
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Students failing BPP course lose training contracts, stab-proof vest seller gets nasty & latest trainee retention rates ... read more >
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11 things lawyers say about lawyers - and what they really mean ... read more >
Herbies partner rails against gruesome fag packet pics
Big Tobacco’s lawyer tells Australia the warnings could spread to junk food ... read more > (3 comments)
30% of lawyers in India are fake, says Chairman of Bar Council
Mass exercise underway to clean up the profession ... read more >
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Lookalikes, stab-proof vests, oligarchs by the pool, vacancy for desperate barristers, and an unfortunate juxtaposition. ... read more >
Trowers & Hamlins' foreign profits drop 96% to £100k
As students complain of seriously budget vac scheme ... read more > (3 comments)
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Drama and drama ... read more >
Chadbourne & Parke closes its Beijing office
Very lonely partner turns off the lights ... read more >

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