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NZ lawyer struck off for ripping off sports club
Is made to run 15 times round the pitch ... read more >
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Public BDSM and an overly honest job ad ... read more >
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Swipe left service ... read more >
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Trainee retention update, the SBA, Left Shark and the best PA ... read more >
Australian Firm of the Year results: Development
From tiny bundling seeds grow mighty billing oaks ... read more >
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Tough lawyers, beach huts ... read more >
Exclusive: Norton Rose Fulbright ripped off by Chinese scammers
Why bother with a merger when you can just rip off a name? ... read more > (4 comments)
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Former A&O chief on access to justice, and Ministry of Justice social media fail ... read more >
Defeated Fried Frank leaves China as Dentons arrives
This town ain't big enough for the both of them ... read more >
Law prof acquited of student sexy time fails to win back job
Demonstrated a poor understanding of judical reviews ... read more >
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Ex-A&O boss Guy Beringer tackles Access to Justice, and a Slater & Gordon affair nightmare ... read more >
Rockwell Olivier Perth appoints administrators
And rumours Sydney office on its last legs ... read more >
Australian Firm of the Year: Last chance to vote
Who will get the coveted crown and where will the golden turd land? ... read more > (1 comment)
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Firm enrages Facebook, a lawyer's stolen life and why Rwanda is better than Italy ... read more >
Australian Firm of the Year Update: Who said what?
"A stint here ensures that your next job will seem absolutely fantastic" ... read more >
Tasmania DPP avoids jail for fatal car crash
Position as country's top prosecutor now under review ... read more > (1 comment)
Lawyer jailed for defrauding client
Tried to stage his own death to cover his debts ... read more >
Christmas Quiz: Answers and Winner
Did they pick lunch with RollOnFriday? No they did not ... read more >
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Join the bloglodytes ... read more >
The Asia News Review of the Year 2014
Plus the RollOnFriday Christmas Quiz! ... read more >
Australian Firm of the Year Update: Week 2
Who’s made it onto Santa’s good list and which firm will likely receive a lump of coal? ... read more >
Top barrister dies in Sydney siege
“One of our best and brightest barristers” ... read more >
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RollOnFriday's scam of the year reaches a dramatic conclusion, and one firm has found a novel way of attracting online traffic (viagra) ... read more >
Australian Firm of the Year Update: Week One
The story so far for firms down under ... read more >
Melbourne lawyer gets 12 years for $12million fraud
The worst fraud by a lawyer in the state of Victoria ... read more >
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Meet Harker Bumtrumpet, turning the tables on internet scammers, plus delight at UK Law Firms monopoly and Pinsent Masons' festive fetish wear ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Exclusive interview with The Apprentice's Felipe and the latest scam-artist saga ... read more >
NZ lawyer gets prison sentence for stealing $2.8m from clients
One of the longest frauds New Zealand has seen ... read more >
Lawyer apologises for stupid firefighter comments made in court
False alarms are "good practice" for the fire service ... read more >
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Philanthropic Xmas shopping and Supreme Court art at Pinsent Masons ... read more >
Sydney lawyer rides horseback across Australia
And is named Young Adventurer of the Year ... read more >
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