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Tasmanian lawyer jailed over client money theft
Stole client money to the tune of $34,000 ... read more >
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Olympic cycling, coke's name bottles and famous judgements reduced to 140 character tweets. ... read more >
New Zealand lawyer suspended for misconduct
But allowed to work on his current cases ... read more >
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Mr T, a reoffender who admits he goes to prison to study, and dragon boat madness ... read more >
Law students cash in on note-sharing website
That’s one way towards a law degree ... read more >
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Who let the blogs out? ... read more >
High Court judge launches gay and lesbian group at Auckland University
Warns Australia and NZ are 30 years behind the US & Canada ... read more >
Lawyer’s killers jailed for murder
Three jailed for deliberately starting the fire that killed Aussie lawyer ... read more >
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A lawyer with meandering hands, free football, and sign up to Walk the Thames ... read more >
More partners leave DLA Piper Asia-Pacific offices
In a spate of partner exits three more jump ship this month ... read more >
Lawyer is the most desirable woman in Australia
But is still on the hunt for true love ... read more >
Barrister suspended for sloppy work
Three month suspension for sloppy and reckless work ... read more >
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The vet who banged his potential patients, the lawyer who won't retire and the time is now for Fantasy Football ... read more >
High-profile silk in bitter fall out with mother-in-law
Forced to sell his share of chambers to meet his spiralling debts ... read more >
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Goodness gracious great blogs of fire ... read more >
Baker & McKenzie opens 76th office in Brisbane
And Watson Farley Williams eyes up Dubai ... read more >
Slater & Gordon bags England cricket captain as ambassador
Alastair Cook loves Slater & Gordon though the firm can't spell his name ... read more >
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Catwoman lawyer, S&M, The Shining and the RoF Fantasy Football League ... read more >
Auckland lawyer guilty of nearly 100 forgery charges
Former lawyer to Michael Barrymore faces lengthy jail sentence ... read more >
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Supreme Court art and more ... read more >
Herbies’ revenue up 5%
Finding its feet post-merger ... read more >
Neighbours at war over bee poo
Bonkers dispute of the week ... read more >
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Are you blogging mad? ... read more >
Kiwis trust lawyers more than Vicars
Lawyers ranked more trustworthy than the clergy ... read more >
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Why lawyers are like condoms, a very sexy criminal and an unfortunate typo ... read more >
Kiwi lawyer suspended for lying about affair with teen client
Busted when his sexscapades were splashed across the Sunday papers ... read more >
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Naked Capsticks lawyers and Supreme Court art ... read more >
Lawyer cheats in ethics exam
Struck off despite high irony value ... read more >
Lawyer accused of trying to smear Gillard
That Slater & Gordon pro bono job she did for her boyfriend just won't die ... read more >
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They think it's all blogs, it is now ... read more >

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