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Herbies partner rails against gruesome fag packet pics
Big Tobacco’s lawyer tells Australia the warnings could spread to junk food ... read more > (3 comments)
30% of lawyers in India are fake, says Chairman of Bar Council
Mass exercise underway to clean up the profession ... read more >
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Lookalikes, stab-proof vests, oligarchs by the pool, vacancy for desperate barristers, and an unfortunate juxtaposition. ... read more >
Trowers & Hamlins' foreign profits drop 96% to £100k
As students complain of seriously budget vac scheme ... read more > (3 comments)
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Drama and drama ... read more >
Chadbourne & Parke closes its Beijing office
Very lonely partner turns off the lights ... read more >
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RollOnFriday offered stab-proof vests, plus a Turkish delight ... read more >
Harneys launches in Tokyo
With tax friendly solutions ... read more >
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A review of Death in Venice / Camp as Christmas, QCs vote against women joining the Garrick ... read more >
Slater & Gordon probed by Australian regulators
PI firm will be hoping that help is at hand ... read more > (6 comments)
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Gibson Dunn self-flagellates, Macfarlanes poo horror, HogLove posts best trainee retention rate in three years ... read more >
Australian firm to charge graduates A$22,000 for work
Project manager tries to defend the position to RoF ... read more > (4 comments)
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Ex-A&O boss writes for RollOnFriday on access to justice. And a good hairdo spotted in Broadgate ... read more >
Tokyo Court permits adultery for business purposes
Judge says a bit of sexy time with a hostess doesn't harm the marriage ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
A scam artist, a futurologist's predictions and reasons why lawyers can't be trusted ... read more >
Withers launches in Japan
To provide tax advice to the super rich ... read more >
(Alleged) Crime of the week: Australian in bulldozer rampage
Breaches court order and likely to be charged with attempted murder ... read more >
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Subtitle filth, court art and a tough lawyer ... read more >
Chinese firm launches in London
But "not here to step on anyone's toes" ... read more > (2 comments)
Dodgy lawyer of the week (allegedly) stole from crash victims' estates
And happened to purchase an expensive home at the same time, it is claimed ... read more >
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Ex-bouncer banned from court for calling barrister a lying slag, the next edstone, a defence of crass Alton Towers tweets and more ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
DWF lawyer might win Britain's Got Talent ... read more >
Conviction of the week: drunk driver on a go-kart
Grown man receives bollocking from judge for go-kart antics ... read more >
Criminal of the week: Chemistry professor imitates Breaking Bad
Although gets arrested, so no chance of a second series ... read more >
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The London Legal Walk 2015 told with ducklings, and a Scottish judge refuses to hear an English QC ... read more >
Dentons to shut its Singapore practice
"Opportunity" for the lawyers to leave the country ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Caption competition winner, a real find of a restaurant, Farage called a ladypart, Blundering ULaw and Freshfields' trainees told to talk to teddy bears ... read more >

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