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Kazakh lawyer attacks judge with fly swatter
25 July 2014
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A solicitor from Kazakhstan has been barred from practising law and faces jail after thwacking a judge with a flyswatter.

In the CCTV footage Evgeniy Tankov, who was unhappy with the way his hearing was progressing, can be seen approaching the judge in a corridor with his chosen weapon, saying, "Let's not hang about arguing the law here, let's decide this with fly swatters". Then slapping the judge in the face with it. The judge manages to parry Tankov's follow-up with a file, but a third swipe gets through and achieves full armpit contact.

  A helpful servant of the court attempting to catch a fly yesterday

In a further blow to the dignity of the Kazakh court, it doesn't end there. As Tankov strides away, the opposing attorney pops up and punches him in the head. Then the judge recovers himself, runs over to Tankov and starts wrestling him. The three lawyers cling to each other in the corridor, grappling for supremacy (and overturning a desk in the process), before Tankov is eventually disarmed.

Proud and glorious officials for the court of Kazakhstan said Tankov had been barred from practising and charged with assault. Reflecting the gravity of the offence, he faces a decade in jail.


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