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Exclusive: Bond Dickinson upsets candidate with email gaffe
25 July 2014
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Bond Dickinson has demonstrated the perils of the reply-all button after copying a job applicant into an internal email discussing his rejection.

The lawyer had applied for a position in the firm at the beginning of June, and this week he chased for news of his application. Almost immediately he received a reply in his inbox. Sadly, it was bad news - and worse, it wasn't even addressed to him but was an internal email promising that he would be rejected later. The unimpressed candidate replied "Don't bother".

  Bond Dicks dispenses with tiresome formalities
Adam told RollOnFriday, "It is always refreshing for an out-of-work lawyer to know that his applications for legal roles are being carefully handled by competent staff within law firms. With such attentive and considerate treatment of candidates, I have no reason to doubt that I will find a commercial role in the near future". It could have been worse. They could have called him thick instead of just "reject". And at least he got a response in less than five years.

A spokewoman for Bond Dickinson said, "Clearly this was human error and the firm is very sorry that this applicant should find out they had been rejected for a position in this way. An apology email was sent to the applicant at the time".


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