How hot are Finnish men?

An actual question, not breathless observation. 

I’d have thought the pale, gothy, mullety, morose look would be up your street 

their language is mental 

Oh god they love metal. And that weird tobacco stuff in tea bags they put behind their teeth.


I was there for the last three weeks. Here are my observations:

Generally into exercise

Dress sense a few years out of date 

Pretty quiet, but quite bubbly in a funny awkward way.

some look more on the Russian side

Love walking with those nordic sticks

Sauna botherers

The ones in Tampere seemed to be on the lash more those in Helsinki. 

Lordi distilled the essence of 2000 to 2005 to win in 2006 with aplomb. Alas the rasmus failed trying to do the same trick this year :(

I spent yesterday morning with 3 Finnish women (not in a sauna) and was whelmed marginally but not overly. I did notice that two of them had very lovely eyes. I don't imagine I made their day either.

That buzzfeed link is someone trying to find the best pictures of men in an entire country and yet they all look a bit weird.

I don't think finns are scandies.  They are progeny of the khan's hoardes (hence having a weird language like magyar).


Half of them are quasi-Russians with similar looks. The other half is just bleak.

All of them are depressed.

None of them is able to communicate in a meaninful manner.

The only Finns I can immediately think of are Hakkinen and Litmanen, who tbf look about as opposite as white men can get. 

Whenever I see Hakkinen I’m always convinced that somewhere a mid-tier accountancy firm is missing an audit manager. 


Can confirm both that we are very hot, and - per Wang - not Scandinavian. Although I’m Swede-Finn, so, like Hovis, best of both. 

Clergs, you have spent more than ten years on here moaning about where you live, pining to live elsewhere and then, quite famously, not doing so.

How the fook does brexit change this?

At least you have an excuse other than being a lazy bumhole.


I could list all of the things I am currently doing in addition to my full-time job (which involves being across the UK and outside the UK)

but it would make you feel bad about sitting on the sofa five miles from whatever home counties parish you were born in

just because I live in one place doesn't mean I don't have a life in other places

well you just called me a "lazy bumhole" for having an existence outside the English provinces so you should probably look to yourself first

it's the main reason Brexit happened, this mistaking the centre of the world being near you for you being worldly