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"Hello, the Cornish!"

The RollOnFriday team has shoved virus wands up each other's noses and received negative results, so we're off to the seaside for two weeks.

If you're stuck in the office, on Zoom or at the beach, fear not. Consider:

1. Sending us a story (if you've got one).
2. Meeting someone delightful on Lawyr (if you're eligible).
3. Taking the In-house Lawyer Poll (if you're in-house).
4. Browsing the year's stories so far and boggling at what everyone managed to get up to despite lockdowns, restrictions and a killer virus.
5. Getting a new job, or chatting about your current one on the Board.
6. Making that vital call from your sun lounger.

Have a great rest of the summer, and see you in September.

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"I've had a lovely day, do you ever take off the mask?" "Never!"




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